Bitcoin and the Blockchain 101

If any buzzword has garnered even more attention than “Bitcoin” over the past few years, it has been “blockchain.”

Cryptocurrency FAQ

It’s not unusual to have questions about the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. In an effort to clear things up, here are some answers to the most commonly asked ones.

From Bitcoin to Crypto Assets

For those interested in creating their own cryptocurrencies, copying the codebase is the easy part. Gaining and maintaining value of the currency, and therefore a market share, is the real challenge.

How to Ensure Bitcoin Security

Bitcoin allows anyone to be their own bank. If that sounds like a potential scenario for chaos, it’s only because you haven’t yet heard of the great lengths to which Bitcoin users can go to ensure the security of their “one-person banks.”

Four Questions to Ask About Your New Cryptocurrency Wallet

Something truly unique about Bitcoin is that within its protocol, “ownership” is not based on the rule of law, or user accounts, or even identity. It is solely based on math.

A Beginner's Guide to Buying Bitcoins

As Bitcoin’s value rises and more people around the world become interested in investing, brand-new users are still plagued by a fundamental question: How can I buy bitcoins?

What Is Bitcoin?

When most people hear about Bitcoin, whether for the first or the tenth time, they ask one simple question: “What is it?”

What Is Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin mining embodies several of the beautifully balanced incentives that make Bitcoin such a revolutionary system.

Why Bitcoin Has Value

A journey through the history of trading, currency and the inherent need for digital money.