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Our Latest Map

The last iteration of yBitcoin's ecosystem map presented a snapshot of who led the progress made that year. Adorning the walls of corporate headquarters and programmer studios alike, it serves as a visual representation of the projects that reached the height of the industry skyline.

If you are interested in having your company featured on the next map, contact your yBitcoin and BTC Media sales representative below.

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Three pricing options that allow the leading cryptocurrency and blockchain projects to make their marks on the map.

Logo Placement in an Industry Neighborhood

$ 1,000

Cement your position as a leader in your sector by moving into one of the ecosystem's prefabricated skyscrapers. Neighborhoods range from exchanges and wallets to ICOs and investors.

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Logo Placement and Neighborhood Sponsorship

$ 4,000

In addition to placing your logo in an idustry neighborhood, include your key executive's profile, detailed company information or other sponsored content in the gatefold of this internationally circulated booklet as a designated "neighborhood sponsor."

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Commissioned Landmark and Neighborhood Sponsorship

$ 7,000

Our design team can affix your logo to a custom-designed map landmark. Whether modeled on a real-life monument or pulled from an imaginative digital landscape, these landmarks merge iconic imagery with your name. Includes a neighborhood sponsorship.

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